About Us

About Us

Online store www.BuckwheatShop.comwww.BoghvedeShop.dk owns company R.J.Gruppen (Danish company, identification CVR. No. DK 33417217).

Company R.J.Gruppen was found in 2009 in Vejle, Danmark. We care about nature and health. We only use the highest quality material and the highest quality buckwheat hulls from the EU. You and your family can be sure that our products are made from natural materials: 100% buckwheat hulls and textile (100% cotton).

About our products

The products are intended for people who care about natural living environment, lead a healthy life and love innovation. Buckwheat hull products offer unique advantages, compared to traditional foam or feather pillows and mattresses.

The products of our company are approved by the European Directive 93/42/EEB and are CE certified.

Our products are made for those who cherish natural living environment.

Buckwheat Hull Toy Cat
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