Aids for Sore Prevention

Aids for Sore Prevention

These series products include therapeutic aids for bedsore prevention and treatment, filled up with buckwheat hull. The products of our company are approved by the European Directive 93/42/EEB and are CE certified.

The products are all natural: made of 100% cotton fabrics and buckwheat hulls grown up in EU.
The products provide good support for selected areas of the body thus relieving pressure.
The air can freely circulate through the buckwheat hulls thus allowing the skin to breathe.
The products are hypo allergenic, as dust mites do not cultivate in buckwheat hulls.
Easy to care, as most products come with washable pillowcases.
For incontinent patients cotton material can be replaced with air-permeable protective clothing.
Life span of around 10 years, because hulls don’t break.
Completely biodegradable.

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