Other Pillows

Other Pillows
    • Heating pillow with buckwheat hulls


      Size: 20 x 13 cm. The heating pillow can be used to warm the neck, hand, stomach and other places on the body. Good effect on children – when stomach pain is to be relieved. Keeps warm for 10-15 minutes. The heating pillow can be heated in a microwave oven…

    • Buckwheat Hull Breastfeeding Pillow “SNAKE”


      Pillow size: 170 cm A breastfeeding pillow will help to improve your posture during nursing. It is firm enough to hold your baby without the need of additional props, yet soft enough to allow for the complete comfort of both you and your baby. Breastfeeding Pillow can also be used…

    • Buckwheat Hull U-shaped Travel Pillow


      Buckwheat Hull U-shaped Travel Pillow is very useful for the nap on the road or in the air. Pillowcase included.

    • Buckwheat Hull Roll


      Can be used as a pillow for sleep, for therapeutic exercises or as interior decoration. Buckwheat hull roll for patient positioning. Breathable anti-decubitus roll to facilitate the patient’s treatment. Advantages of buckwheat hull roll: • Breathable. No sweating • Adjustable hardness (height) – part of the buckwheat hulls can be…

    • Buckwheat hull and sheep wool, 60×40


      Two layer pillow: one layer – soft, 100% sheep wool, second layer – buckwheat hull.

    • Buckwheat Hull Floor Cushion and Meditation Mat


      Buckwheat Hull Floor Cushion and Meditation Mat. Size: ø38 cm, height 13 cm.  Can be used as a nice interior detail for those, who value simple and pure home. Perfect for your daily meditation practices. You can select other colours: blue, pink, greenish, grey, beige. We also offer a custom tailoring service.…

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