Buckwheat Hull Toy – Dog

Buckwheat Hull Toy – Dog


100% Buckwheat Hull Toy.
Great friend for your child and an interior detail for a child’s room.

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Your child will have fun playing with crispy material.  It is so cute that your child will always want to have it beside!

It can be used as a cold compress, and for healing swelled areas.
Heating and cooling toy is not only a great toy for children and babies, but it can also be used as a natural and old curing method for young and old people. A bag of buckwheat inside the toy can be heated and the heat will help a child to relax, fall asleep quickly and warm up in a bed or trolley. It is perfect for relaxing strained muscles, curing stomach pains or simply enjoying the pleasures of warmth.

This natural little heater will help your child to overcome sinusitis, bronchitis, otitis and stomach pains. The buckwheat bag can be frozen if you need to reduce fever or cool a beaten area.
How to heat?
The toy’s inner bag is taken out from tummy and heated in microwave in 600W for 1-2 min. or in an ordinary oven in 125°C for 5-7 min. (without the grill function!). The heated bag is put back to the toy’s tummy.
How to cool?
The wheat bag is taken out of the toy’s tummy and is put into refrigerator to freeze for 1-2 hours in a plastic bag.

• The used material is flammable because the toy is not processed chemically.
• Make sure the toy is not too cold or too hot before using.
• Do not exceed heating duration and temperature because it can damage the product quality.
• Fit for children of all age groups with supervision of adults.

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